This page collects some of Hannes’ musical side projects.

kurodama, kvsu

Nowadays, Hannes mostly makes music under the moniker kurodama.

kurodama works with sampling, feeding from field recordings, everyday objects and circuit-bent devices. His sound can be loosely associated to ambient and drone music, with a dark and unsettling undertone.

Together with fellow electronic musician, composer and bass clarinet player Michele Cagol he also plays in the duo kvsu aka kurodama vs. ubumaic.

kvsu is a bipolar formation, suspended between the apparent immobility of drone music and the polyrhythmic frenzy of drum machines. their music is like a hidden mould, in a bowl of strawberries.

Poka Bjorn, Rumpelfilter

Hannes also used to make music under other names: Poka Bjorn and Rumpelfilter.

Poka Bjorn’s tracks are usually bright and uplifting, with references to video game tunes and chipmusic. The ideal soundtrack to his whimsical and colourful illustrations.

Rumpelfilter was Hannes’ first musical project. Under this moniker he worked on various soundtracks for short films and documentaries and produced a couple of netlabel/self-released albums.