Various logos

Various logos we made, over the years, for big and small instrument makers, software developers and various other clients.

Idea Academy

Idea Academy (School)

Logic Paws Logo

Logic Paws (sound recording studio)

Philipp Zedler

Philipp Zedler – Digitalisierung und Nachhaltigkeit (web developer)


Alright Devices (Eurorack module maker)

Nobots Logo

Nobots (Eurorack module maker)

Glow Worm Cables Logo

Glow Worm Cables (cables manufacturer)

Hexinverter Electronique (Eurorack module maker)

Mutant Modular (video series by Hexinverter Èlectronique)

Mutant Modular (video series by Hexinverter Èlectronique)


Mutable Instruments (Eurorack module maker)

ll Gonzeto (guest house / agriturismo)


Audulus (virtual synthesizer software)

logos_0011_rabid elephant

Rabid Elephant (Eurorack module maker)


LXR (DIY drum synth)


Octopot (MIDI controller)


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