In 2014 we worked on the art project SEN | XOR, an audio/video performance originally created for the festival Transart by the electronic music duo kvsu and video artist akirasrebirth.

SEN | XOR is a personal experience. In SEN | XOR your vital functions and your conscious and unconscious movements generate sounds and pictures.
You control kvsu~akirasrebirth’s instruments with your body, your feelings and your perception.
You are the audience, the interpreter, the composer and the instrument. Analogue and unpredictable.

We designed the logo and the visual identity, some of the animated material used in the project, the project website and video documentation and worked on the concept of the project itself.

Photos by Sara Masè, Video by Elizabeth Busani

SENXOR 2 (0-00-10-13)

SENXOR 2 (0-00-15-26)

Sen Xor