Various Album Covers

This page contains several album artworks created over the years. Some of them were made for our own musical projects, some commissioned.

Nobot – No Fun

We tried our hands at a psytrance release, avoiding most of the clinches attached to the genre. Despite the title, it actually turned out to be a lot of fun! Released on Parvati Records. Art by Hannes Pasqualini

Poka Bjorn – Wear the Happy Face / Postcards

Art and graphics by Elizabeth Busani (Postcards) and Hannes Pasqualini (Wear the Happy Face)

Rumpelfilter – Killer Aloe OST

Cover art and trailer for the album Killer Aloe OST by Rumpelfilter, released by Resofame Recordings. Art and graphic design by Hannes Pasqualini


the album is available on Resofame’s Bandcamp page:

Plain Favored – Hexadecimator, Chipmusic in G Minor

Cover art for the album Hexadecimator: Chip Music In G Minor by Plain Flavored, released by Calmdownkidder Records. Art and graphic design by Hannes Pasqualini

About the album:

Adam Schackart may be Plain Flavored by name, but his music certainly isn’t! Hexadecimator includes five tracks of DMG music influenced by a dream that took place in the summer of 2009, as well as eight years of previously abandoned works. This creates a work that is both somehow fractured and complete at the same time, turning from underclocked churning to high powered energetic music instantaneously.
With cover art by Hannes Pasqualini (click album art for larger image) and vocal and acoustic guitar intro by Andrew Winzenburg.


Rumpelfilter – It’s the End EP

While Hannes spends most of his time being a designer (and art director), he also likes to play and compose music in my leisure time (under various monikers).

In 2011 he released his first album as Rumpelfilter titled It’s the End EP. This is the artwork he created to be included in the downloadable zip file, a front and back cover, and one illustration for each track.



Futurnari – Another Unlikely Hero

Remember that time we took a hike through the outskirts of The Mushroom Kingdom and we got lost with only a gameboy to guide us? You kept complaining about my sense of direction and I kept insisting we were on the right path. Do you recall stumbling onto that meadow full of delicious fungi and eating entirely too much? You always were a glutton. How about that bouquet of flowers I picked for you that enabled you to throw fireballs at will? That was neat. I think my favorite part was how we saved the entire population of Mushroom Kingdom from the clutches of that weird turtle/dragon guy. Good times.

Art and graphic design by Hannes Pasqualini