Hexinverter – Cyberpunk Series

The Red Dragon VCF module was inspired by the famous filter design of the Russian Polivoks synthesizer. When starting to work on the potential graphics and promotional ideas for it, we were facing a big challenge: there were already a number of Soviet-inspired designs (some of them we had done ourselves), plus, if you don’t have a personal link to the topic, it might also feel a bit forced and superficial. After some deeper thinking we came up with an idea though: imagine an alternate reality in which history has developed in a different way. The Soviet Union never existed and Russia went the capitalist route like everybody else. What would an 80s Russian cyberpunk have looked like in this world?
This led to create a new line of Hexinverter modules, a less percussion/rhythm-oriented, parallel dimension coexisting with the Mutant Drums. Over the years the Soviet component got lost, but the cyberpunk stayed.

Promotional animation for the VCNO noise oscillator

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