Audulus UI and App Icon

Audulus is a cross-platform, modular music application and plug-in available for Mac OS, Windows and iOS.

Audulus 4

For version 4 of the popular virtual modular application we worked with the developer to further streamline the UI, make the controls more subtle and minimalistic, while ensuring a good readability. We introduced a series of features that help module designers design better modules, like for example an alignment grid and animation capabilities.

We also redesigned all the node icons and created a series of custom modules.

Audulus 3

For version 3.0 its developer Taylor Holliday wanted to offer an improved user experience and a fresh new look. We helped him to do just that, creating a brand-new icon and redesigning the colour scheme, the typography, the tool panels and several other aspects of the UI . We also assisted him in redesigning the app’s landing page.


The Audulus icon/logo featured on Apple Store Connect, Apple’s developer portal.

All the node icons found in the iOS app





Screenshots and photos are courtsey of Audulus LLC

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