Papernoise Concertodrone (Casio SK-1)


The Concertodrone is a circuit-bent Casio SK-1, which I’ve built years ago. It’s called Concertodrone because the first version I did used a Realistic Concertmate 500 (The Radio Shack rebranding of the SK-1). For quite some time people kept asking me to share details about how I made this, so here they are (see below)!

But first a little video to showcase what the instrument sounds like…

Build Docs

I’ve documented all the bends and additions to this SK-1 in a handy PDF document, which you can download here:

>> Papernoise Concertodrone Build Docs v1.1


  • v1.1 added clarification on LTC1799 module resistor, updated the “Want to Support Me?” chapter.
  • v1.0 First official release. Tweaked some details and typos.
  • v0.9 Pre-release version

CAD Files

Additionally you can download the CAD files for the front panel and some info on how I made the case:

>> CAD files