Papernoise Soundworks

This page collects some of Hannes’ musical side projects.


Conceptual and experi​mental. Combines elements from ambient, circui​tbendi​ng and old school industrial music

You can download/stream the whole album here:

revolving agitator

What if John Carpenter played the synths in a BBC-Ra​diopho​nic-Wo​rkshop​-inspi​red 8bit EBM-sy​nthpop band?


kvsu (Hannes Pasqualini and Michele Cagol) make experimental electronic and electroacoustic music.

They mix electronically enhanced acoustic instruments, field recordings, circuit bending and synthetic sounds. their musical research covers the wide field between baroque counterpoint techniques and electronic noise, focusing on technical objects and sounds created through means of destructive synthesis.

Other projects

Various other tracks from past musical projects.