Papernoise Soundworks

This page collects some of Hannes’ musical side projects.



kvsu (Hannes Pasqualini and Michele Cagol) make experimental electronic and electroacoustic music.

kvsu is a bipolar formation, suspended between the apparent immobility of drone music and the polyrhythmic frenzy of drum machines. their music is like a hidden mould, in a bowl of strawberries.

in the last years they explored the wide filed between experimental electronics, noise, baroque counterpoint, idm and somehow even pop music. despite this, one element has always been at the centre of their work: destructive synthesis, which led them to make what they now call “degraded drum&drone”.



Conceptual and experi​mental. Combines elements from ambient, circui​tbendi​ng and old-school industrial music.

revolving agitator

What if John Carpenter played the synths in a BBC-Ra​diopho​nic-Wo​rkshop​-inspi​red 8bit EBM-sy​nthpop band?


Rumpelfilter was Hannes’ first musical project. Under this moniker he worked on various sountracks for short films and documentaries and produced a couple of netlabel/self released albums.