Various personal projects

Circuit-bent Casio SK1 synth keyboard

With custom panel and housing designed by Papernoise.

All photos on this page by Elizabeth Busani and Hannes Pasqualini


Nonlinearcircuit – Neuron

Panel design for the Neuron / Difference Rectifier module by Nonlinearcircuits.
More info about this circuit here:

neuron-mockup neuron-front

Modular synth case prototype

Prototype build for an eurorack modular case. Made in collaboration with Christian Mittendorfer

Mini Eurorack case with 1U utility panel

Made from ready-made components, this is a 3U case for eurorack modules with an added 1U panel providing multiples, attenuators and jack adapters (3,5mm – 6,3mm)

full side

Shruti-1 Prototype

This was a prototype enclosure for the original Shruti-1 by Mutable Instruments. The Shruti-1 was the predecessor of the current Shruthi DIY Synth.

shruti-01 shruti-02 shruti-03 shruti-04

Handmade Fuzz Factory Guitar Pedal Clone

A handmade and handpainted guitar pedal based on the famous Zvex Fuzz Factory